Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Knorr has recently launched a product line extension called Soupy Noodles. The brand is currently running a campaign featuring the brand ambassador Kajol. The Product claims to have the properties of both soup and noodles thus promoting this variant as a new category to be carved out of the Noodles.

The brand today is the leader in the soup market in India. It has revamped its brand equity by introducing various variants in the soup category that fit into the taste buds of the Indian consumers. The brand has made sincere efforts in understanding it’s consumer’s well. The saying ‘Customer is the king’ is well understood and the brand hit the nail by positioning is product to be consumed at 7:00, a time where once feels hungry but is not the right time to consume dinner. To subside one’s hunger, one needs something light as well as nutritious and this is provided by knorr soups.

After successfully penetrating the market, the brand is now focusing on innovation to reach to its consumers (kids). Kids refrain from consuming healthy food stuff like soups, vegetables etc. The brand again has undertaken a deep consumer behavior analysis and launched a fun health food stuff for them. IT contains noodles which is loved by all the kids and has added nutrient value since it is a soup also, thus sufficing the needs of the mother to provide the kids with the best of healthy and rich nutrients.

If the taste is good, Indian market will see the emergence of a new category of soup + noodles.

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